måndag 2 maj 2011

The Horse. Ch. 1

He looked a little bit like a zebra, but he was a lot larger and with a mane and tail that billowed  wonderfully in the warm summer wind. His color was not quite that of an ordinary zebra, though. As you all know, zebras usually have black stripes, not pink like his were. And it wasn't a soft pastel pink either, but a fierce hot pink that would frighten away any lion looking at it. And that even though lions don't actually perceive colors very well.

He was happily trotting around in a summery green meadow, stopping every now and then to munch a delishious dandelion or two. A half-hearted attempt at a fence circled the meadow, and since he was a very well behaved horse he stayed inside this warped creation even though he could have easily stepped over it and then gained complete freedom. But, can you imagine, the Horse was also very intelligent. He knew that sometimes there's this cold, white, fluffy rain that covers and freezes all the good stuff on the ground and makes it not taste good any more. Not to mention what it would be like to sleep outside when the weather got bad. And that's when he needed his, slightly stupid, "owner".

Think of the devil and he might just show up, though this guy didn't actually have one malicious bone in his body. Come to think of it, "guy" is the wrong word, because he was a Prince with a capital P. His name was Pollux, but the servants in the castle referred to him as "Polly" (when no one of noble blood was around) since he wasn't much smarter than a parrot and he really liked polygons. While we're on the subject of names; the Prince had never thought of calling his Horse anyhing but Horse, and Horse didn't care as long as he got hay to eat and a stables to live in during winter.

The thing is that the warped imitation of a fence around the meadow was meant to be a pentagon, even though no corners could be detected. The Prince had built it by himself and was exceedingly proud of the achievement since it was the only thing he had ever done on his own. But finally the day had come for the next big adventure in the Prince's life. He was to ride out into the World and find a princess, countess any other form of young, unmarried, woman of noble birth in dire need of being rescued (for the mood to be just right).

Horse rolled his eyes. Where would they find a woman, a princess even, willing to spend the rest of her life togheter with Prince Pollux? Sure he would one day be the ruler of a kingdom so enormous, it covered the majority of two continents, and allowed the neighbouring countries to exist only as pin points on the map to accentuate how excessively enormous the kingdom really was.
Oh, right... It might not be that difficult to find a power hungry young lady after all.

While the Prince handled the saddle, Horse was going through the Prince's pack to make sure that they didn't lack something that was absolutely vital. He found a wide variety of stuff, some of which he would get off his back as soon as he had the opportunity. When everything was prepared the Prince theatrically swung himself into the saddle and rode towards the sunset. Horse rolled his eyes again. If they were lucky they'd make it a mile or two before they had to make camp.

To be continued...

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